Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Minitel Redux: Putting The App Into Appliance With Easy Neuf

The International Herald Tribune covers an innovative Internet Appliance developed by Neuf Cigatel - the Easy Neuf. Little box with magic.

What I like about this:
  • Linux Core
  • Open Source Word Processing, Browser, and Spreadsheet
  • €10 preminum for "the box" and "cheap" peripherals (keyboard, tube)

A long time ago.... I described the interaction of fast reliable open networks and "thin clients" as a 'nuthin but net model. Whilst mileage may vary, the use of stable open source appliances will drive adoption by consumers and small businesses who do not (can not) manage the deathly complexity of dueling operating systems. Don't even look at the machines blinking 12:00...

As an example of the business implementation, look at Critical-Link's edgeBOX product - again using Linux core with applications nougats (firewall, email, VoIP... plus partner-provided applications).

So.... do I smell an ASP milling about. How about running payroll and sales tracking along with supporting the must-do office applications "hands free" for the customer/consumer?

Meanwhile, thank you for the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) as a brilliant design initiative to open the discussion and markets about what (ubiquity) verus how (Windows, Linux,

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