Thursday, June 07, 2007

Broadband Deployment Comments to the FCC

From the Illinois Broadband Council.... a listing of comments from (most) of the usual suspects.

For those of us without broadband.... these are pdfs. I shall not comment upon the wisdom of some of these submissions amounting to 9 megabytes or so.

I find the CCIA comments quite worthwhile regarding
  • the evolutionary view of "what's broadband",
  • inclusion of wireless broadband in demographics,
  • consideration of market competitiveness and
  • improving the granularity of service coverage statistics (viz, zip plus four)

Broadband Deployment (From The Illinois Broadband Council)

Comments, GN Docket No. 07-45

" 5/16/2007 - The following comments have been filed in response to the Commission's April 16, 2007 Notice of Inquiry concerning the deployment of advanced telecommunications capability to all Americans in a reasonable and timely fashion. NTCA believes the FCC should continue to develop rural broadband incentive programs targeted towards unserved and underserved areas, provide rural carriers with a sense of regulatory certainty, and ensure that all providers who use rural ILEC networks are required to pay their fair share of network costs. AT&T believes the Commission should maintain a stable deregulatory environment by keeping the status quo."

Alexicon Telecom Consulting

Alliance for Public Technology

American Library Association


Clearwire Corporation

Computer & Communications Industry

Connected Nation

Consumers Union

Covad Communications



Fiber-to-the-Home Council

M2Z Networks

Metro Washington Council of Gov


Native Public Media



Nebraska Rural Independent Cos

NJ Division of Rate Counsel


NuVox Communications


Pacific Lightnet


Puerto Rico Telephone Company


Roy Elloitt

Sprint Nextel

Telecom Industry Association

Time Warner Telecom

Tropos Networks

Verizon & Verizon Wireless

Wireless RERC

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