Sunday, August 05, 2007

Nomadic Computing Approaches

Just how lightweight and cheap cost-effective can computing be?

I've resurrected an HP-620LX as a starting point... and have gained experience in stretching the capabilities of the Concord IQ Mini (which, as a USB attached camera surprises me for a thing bought from a rack at a Rite-Aid in 2000 or so for about $20.)

I look at some things as vade mecum... in lieu of true reference I settle for pencil stub and quartered paper. Also in the getaroundtoit plan to use vade mecum or equivalent as a text reader once I take the time to get (just) smart enough to fiddle with it.

But the little HP affords (admission) solitaire (I promise I'll stop after one more game) and the ability to read materials from so I can get smart on rereading Hamlet (Rosencrantz and Guildenstern actually do have a few lines more than I recalled) and gems like Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses.

[NB: Friends will notice that my phobia of being stranded in a place with nothing to read remains constant as Polaris.]

The keyboard is a bit of a learning curve, and short trimmed fingernails seem necessary (but not sufficient) for results at any kind of speed.

At least I have a charming redhead to support me in my various geekly quests.

Other role models for this: Steve Robertsand his many projects around nomadic "systems" and players to be named later... I gotta get the Sunday Paper.

-30- for now.

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