Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Black Friday Haiku.... New Storage Demands

1Gig MP3 Player At Discount Chain $30
20Gb Local ISP "data backup" $ 600 USD/Year
40 Gb Google extra storage $75 USD/Year

Not a very large sample, but thecreation and consumerization of the datasphere's happening apace. Time to dust off the "evergreen" plan and consider the innovation rate plus (for the non rural consumer) improving network speeds.

This may be old news but... several companies (my own employer included) in the days after 9/11 successfully restored the formal data and resumed operations.

The informal data, PDAs, rollodex, abandoned or destroyed laptops, etc. held the heart and soul of relationship information comprising customer contact info and the aggregation of information, most of it informal.

BOHICA, folks.

The complexity and pure units x density calculations will be hitting infrastructures across industries.And from the (rigorous!) pricing example above, the growth of ubiquitous personal and informal data, showing up on iPods, digital photo frames, compliance logs of videoconferences or morning calls, security systems, entertainment....

Well, disruptive would be a mild term.

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