Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Why regional markets matter: Driving Distance and Times. Chicago's 35 minutes closer than Kansas City

From Goreville, IL                      Miles           Hours:Minutes

Paducah, KY450:50:00

St. Louis, MO1312:08:00

Evansville, IN1442:21:00

Nashville, TN1802:50:00

Springfield, IL2013:20:00

Memphis, TN2053:00:00

Louisville, KY2323:33:00

Chicago, IL3325:18:00

Kansas City, MO3795:53:00

Hi gang, I'll pretty this up at some point but the message is clear: we have export markets which have little to do with upstate. Louisville's about 2 hours closer than Chicago. Nashville, TN is closer than Springfield, IL. Memphis is 2 hours closer than Chicago.

This matters, and I want "regional" to get into the vocabulary ASAP. Geography's a hard thing to grasp, and when any of us (me included!) say Illinois it means a lot of things that I, for one, don't always understand it to mean. The latitude down here is the same as Roanoake VA and San Francisco..... It matters. Thanks.
Yours for good eats,
Mike (Born in Memphis, raised in Grand Tower Illinois, boomerang and proud of it!)

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