Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiti - Crisis Camp Today - Design/Coding and other solutions

Just a quick note to make you aware of an initiative to develop quickly some infrastructure pieces for the Haiti rescue/recovery mission. Activities are taking place today (Saturday 16 January). I just found out about this. My sense is that this is only the beginning, but figured that any of you with interest would be self-starters on following up. A top level overview is at

or has links and updates with project wiki etc. Meetings taking place in

This immediate project is pointed toward software/gis and resource matching (family finder, have/need), but I am trying to find more mid-longer term solutions groups working toward recovery of water, housing, etc. I do not have any particular information on projects beyond what's at the site listed above - and do not want to be a bottleneck (since I cannot promise to turn around info requests promptly) but will do what I can to push info around.

I will post this at my site which has an rss feed, etc. My apologies for sending this as a bcc to you all, but I figured that this would allow for benign forwarding of this note without getting people onto the many wonderful mailing lists on the Internet....

Thank you for your consideration.
With very best wishes,

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