Friday, September 23, 2005

Five Cents A Glance: Chicago's Museum Of Broadcast Communications Et. Al.

While in transit today, heard that the new Chicago Museum Of Broadcast Communications will be providing digital content.

Some other sources for digital museum media include the Museum Of Television and Radio (NY and LAX) and

Great emphemeral public domain material's also at with movies and audio files.

This digital magic bears some very analog Copyright encumberances (including a FAX requirement). Its not that people and organizations don't merit copyright protection; we're still doing this with sharp pointy sticks.

Ted Nelson (at Oxford , site in rewrite) or in Japan has long proposed mechanisms of networked copyright way back when I had hair in Project Xanadu. We still need these mechanisms.

Now, there are many places and points I've missed in this note; however, the flow and "fairness" of balancing access and copyright process causes blisters. I think I'll go ponder for a bit on this one. I'm interested also in how the broadband providers stand on this issue; seems in their self-interest to improve the state of the art.

Maybe Steve Jobs is onto something?

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