Friday, November 20, 2009

Startup Funding FAQ From Y Combinator

A nicely written quick read on startup funding and dynamics at How to Fund a Startup
by Paul Graham of Y Combinator.

In 1995, Paul Graham and Robert Tappan Morris created the systems of Viaweb which became Yahoo Store (as shown in the Waback Machine from 1998.)

I've been following Y Combinator for a couple of years now; very refreshing perspectives. I particularly find his take on incubators spot on. Old post of mine Growing Startups has some other resources.

Adding on a copy of Guy Kawasaki's Reality Check would be a good "required reading kit" for the n00b or pro on either side of a deal.

My review of Reality Check
"This is one that I wish I had had during several startups. Long on common sense, and many good sources identified throughout "for further study.""

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