Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jo Ann Emerson (Incumbent Insider) fear v Sowers (Smart Outsider)

Some people run on their record. Others hide from their record.
The good, no, great news is that Jo Ann Emerson's PACs will be wasting their money.

Next hoot:

This is a Missouri political bloviator's site:
 The J. Harris Company's ethics page. 

I believe it is well and truly false goods.

They apparently believe that by publishing a web page on "ethics" it makes them ethical.

I disagree. 

They are backing amazingly dim Republicans and have gone so far as to (lamely) squat on the domain of a gifted Kosovo-Iraq-West Point veteran running against a PAC'd up incumbent in Rush Limbaugh's home district (e.g., Cape Girardeau)

If you want to see the *real* campaign, please go to:
Give anything (the more the better, of course) but let's put a thumb in the eye of RUSH LIMBAUGH'S HOME DISTRICT.

Ok. I'll drop the caps lock. Feel better now.

Domain squatting = smell of fear.

Just for grins, send these people a howdy at the domain squatter at tommysowersforcongress,com

 Harris, James  
      The J. Harris Company
      122 East High St.
      Suite 200
      Jefferson City, Missouri 65101
      United States
      (573) 761-7875  

If y'all could give 'em a phone call from time to time, I am sure they would appreciate it. 

Leave a message that asks an earnest complex question. 

What was Jo Ann Emerson doing in Cuba? 
What was "awesome" in Scotland junket. Was there any involvement with Abramoff?
Why has the district lost so many jobs since 2000?
How many years has Jo Ann lived in the district?
Is there an ethical problem with taking insurance or pharmaceutical money and being in Congress?
How is your district better off now as opposed to 1996?
Why didn't anything happen on insurance and health care in the district since 1996.

Pile on, it's fun! The honest answers are "hammena hanmena".

Whee! Jump in!

Ask them if they are trying to confuse voters. Ask them if they are afraid by squatting on an Internet domain that rips off Tommy Sower's own.

The thing about sunlight: it scares the heck out of roaches.

I urge you all to read and tell friends to read. This election matters. Because someone tells you time after time that they care for you does not mean that they care for you.

Some people run on their record. Some hide from their record.

Fun time for all!!!!

Party On!

Ask. I'm sure it will inform you.


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