Saturday, November 05, 2005

On Bathrooms, Coffee, and Dress Codes

While waiting for a friend to finish a medical exam...

In the Waiting Room
Noticed two cups of coffee on a ledge in the waiting room. Cold enough that the ersatz cream had separated. Dr.'s staff paid no nevermind. Hmm.

In the Men's Room...
On the "May 2004"(this is November 2005) on the back of the door:

"Please fixed the lock. This door needs a proper lock when a person is trying to their personal business."

Oh, and the form on the back of the door had "Form Revised 09/19/03".

The Best
And the buzz amongst the staff: a minor revision to the daily color-coded dress code. Each day of the week, these folks have to wear the right color.

That's surely trying to their personal business.

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