Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pesticide Testing And Children: Proposed EPA Rules

Franklin D. Roosevelt Library, courtesy of the National Archives and Records Administration
Late Thursday night, I heard Alex Jones on Coast To Coast AM say that the EPA was considering rules to allow for pesticide testing on children. Did some checking, damn if there isn't something to it.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported
The Environmental Protection Agency's new rules on human testing, which the agency said last week would categorically protect children and pregnant women from pesticide testing, include numerous exemptions, such as one that specifically allows testing of children who have been "abused and neglected."
The blogs are alive with the sounds of Murtha today but this issue merits action.

The proposed EPA testing protocol smells particularly Orwellian... with a grand peppering of cynicism, a dash of eugenics, and a whiff of selective family values.

Comments to the EPA can be made through Organic Consumers Association.

PS: Would very much appreciate correction to this post w.r.t. any errors of fact.


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