Saturday, November 19, 2005

Sustainable Architecture

Living Machines from
Interesting piece on Sim Van der Ryn in the New York Times this week (although I find 15,000 square foot residence and sustainable architecture cause damn near terminal cognitive dissonance...)

I'd suggest also a browse at for some rounding out of opinions on sustainable design. Also the echos of The New Alchemy Institute still communicate a vision from when we all hoped.

Pleased to see sites like still fighting the good fight.

And we should still hope, just with a lot more do-ing.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Sim Van der Ryn from the Jerry Brown days in Sacramento. He was far more important than just "State Architect" because him and the Guv were tight. I believe he was the source for Governor Moonbeam's "small is beautiful" philosophy, among other ideas. Flash forward to today and Jerry's back running for Governor and Sim is living in the biggest mansion in California. Go figure. Its's California.